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I Got the Goods on Funny Shirts!

Not too long ago I was completely in the dark about where to find funny offensive shirts, when I use the term cool, I don’t necessarily mean that as oh I am such a hipster and if these shirts don’t fit a certain standard then I cannot wear them.  Because, cool is an idea, not something that is “cool”.  I don’t care much what color the shirt is, or if it is simply words, or has an awesome graphic on it.
To continue with that theme I don’t mind if the shirt is retro in style, new age, or political.  I am in the business of like shirts that have a good meaning.  So these funny shirts are going to make me want to wear them every single time I wear them, no matter what is going on that day.   I definitely won’t be wearing the shirts at work, however if I could I would.  Trust me they will be on immediately after work.
Again I said I was in the dark about where to find such a Barack Obama shirt up until about a month ago, when I came upon this neat website that was selling some of the most unique shirts I have seen in a long time.  Mainly these shirts made me laugh, pushed me to want to get political again, and offended me in the best way a couple of times.  The reason I say the best way, is because I remember having shirts like this when I was in the seventh grade and these shirts were so good at offending the teachers and the principal.  Understanding that these funny shirts allowed me to have that feeling is amazing.
So I bought several of these offensive shirts and made it my mission not to spill the beans right away where I got them, because, most of my friends like Barack Obama shirts and of course I was being selfish and didn’t want others to get these shirts before me.  I knew it would only be a matter of time, before I had to tell people where I found these offensive shirts, I was right, because my friends were after me for the name.  Not to mention if they didn’t ask they could have found them online.